Hi! I'm Harvey

— but you already knew that, thanks to the big letters at the top.

I'm a sound designer and composer for indie games.
I'm also incredibly lucky; I have an amazing wife and two beautiful cats.


I've been surrounded by extraordinary music since before I could walk. My wonderful father taught me how to compose, and I'm so grateful that I can't put it into words — but perhaps I can put it into music.
That's half of the reason I do what I do. The other half is because life isn't fulfilling if I'm not creating. 


Since receiving an NES for my 4th birthday, games have been in every corner of my life. I competed in FPS tournaments for a number of years, and co-lead Paragon Esports to a podium finish at the UK's biggest gaming festival. I provided live main stage commentary/casting for Insomnia, ESWC, ESL, and more. I founded the SmashWales community, and organised and ran over 30 tournaments over 4 years, attracting hundreds of players from all over the UK.

These days, my idea of fun is designing my own games for game jams.


Favourite game: Ocarina of Time
Favourite books: The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Martian, One Piece
Favourite food: curry